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We connect businesses with the new generations


Customers should get it Where they want it, when they want it and how they want it

Successful products are the result of good products appealing to the targeted people in the right way.
Younger generations behave, appreciate, communicate, decide and shop differently from how their parents did. We bridge the gap between good products and younger generations via creating a right way.

It should relate, be personal

First understand what I appreciate, who I am; then build from there.

It should be easy, friendly

Align yourself with the way I talk and how I spend my time. Make my life easy, come and talk to me in my home ground.

It should be measurable

We believe that any good strategy and plan should include clear goal posts and a success meter. By measuring our actions we can improve.


Digital mobility and behavioural personalities

Our aim is to design, deliver and evaluate digital mobility communication plans and set up new distribution channels that appeal to the ‘behavioural personalities’ of your customers.

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Assisting the Telecom and Digital provider powerhouse with its Broadcast Integration and Satellite Transmission business in the Middle East and Africa.

Telefonica Audiovisual Systems is one of Europe's largest media integrators specialized in large productions events such Real Madrid football transmissions and complex integration projects

eCollectibles Solutions

Digitalization of Content

Digitalization of content, storytelling and gaming. Transforming vintage media formats to match Gen X and Millennium criteria and expectations.

3D Virtual Studio

Virtual Studio that allows infinite camera movements on a virtual real-time environment with full autonomy for different types of realization. Why on this virtual studio:

  • Low Cost Technology
  • No tracking systems needed
  • Real time engine (no render)
  • Built-in GPU based chroma
  • The real set needs are minimal (3 x 2 x 3 m.)
  • Broadcast quality result
  • Multicamera support
  • 4 SD inputs or 3 HD inputs / 1 SD or HD output
  • The license includes three generic multipurpose sets
  • Full custumization of studio sets available


Solutions for the personalization and dynamic control of broadband networks.

AAA, PCRF, Billing, Charging & PCEF solutions for carriers and ISP's launching next generation services.

Internet gateways for business to improve the workplace experience, enforce identity centric policies and monetize Internet services.

Media and dynamic solutions

Live-streaming and live monitoring solution.

Media Asset Management Software Solutions

eLerning end-to-end solutions


Understanding customers’ interests and adding them up in meaningful groups – aka behavioural personalities - is the basis of our segmentation approach to sales and marketing.


Personality, experience, expertise


{The Strategist}

Be it market development, turnaround or competitive growth there is a right way in sales and marketing. He finds joy in developing markets, implementing change and challenging the status quo - if there was no change he would create it.

Telecom, IT, Banking, FMCG, Mobility, Marketing, Channels, Business Development, Change Management, Matrix, Spain, Portugal, UK, Germany, Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Outdoors, Footie, Traveller, Family, Friends, Paella, Team, Why Not


{The Creative}

Creative, Designer and Editor. Our French and English queen - with a whole life in the Middle East - keeps herself busy developing brands and sharpening the edition of magazines, creating designs and localizing marketing ideas for the region.

FMCG, Government, Environment, Media, Brand Creation, Design, Editor, Events, UK, France, Middle East, English, French, Diving, Traveller, Oh là là!, Friends, Muscat, Karma, Moules Frites, Team, Fresh on Mark


{The Engineer}

Everyone needs a leading IT Engineer to bring common sense out of techie’s universe. Just accept his verdict on how things are going to happen unless you are ready to discuss on neural networks, capability building and acronyms’ mumble jumble.

Government, Military, Transportation, IT Engineering, Big Data, Spanish, Gourmand, Tech, Gaming, Connected, Traveller, Friends, Chuletón de Buey, Team, Can Do


{The Communicator}

What to say, when to say it , where to say it and how to say it. Leading the marketing communication efforts of Middle East conglomerates is his everyday life. Identifying communication opportunities as a result of strategic analysis is how he strikes oil.

IT, Construction, Banking, Brand Management, Communication, Canada, Middle East, French, English, Arabic, Viola, Footie, Comedy, Ice Hockey, Family, Friends, Sushi, Team, Opportunity


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